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Game, Set and Match to Rogers!

10 November 2018 at 20:00

The final meeting of the 2018 JASCAR Junior All Stars Championship was held at Birmingham Wheels Park. Cold and dry conditions were met by the junior drivers as the sun set on the West Midlands. Three races were scheduled for the evening which would determined the winners of the Junior All Stars and the Midlands 400 championships. Drivers scored points for the Midlands 400 in Heat 1 and 2 and points for the I-Factor championship in Heat 3. Cole Rogers, driver of the #95, went into this meeting leading both the Midlands 400 championship and the overall points ahead of Aloucious Millard (#21). Millard trailed Rogers by only 26pts in the Midlands 400, but was 158pts behind in the Junior All Stars Championship. James Wallace (#26) was not present this evening, but his excellent performances throughout the I-Factor championship were enough for him to win with a meeting spare!

With everything to play for, the Juniors headed down to the track for the first race of the evening. Millard lead the field away ahead of Rogers, but it was the #95 who would make the better start. Taking the lead on lap 1, Rogers took a flag-to-flag victory. Caton (#17) followed Rogers in the outside lane at the start to jump from 4th to 2nd on lap 1. Millard slipped down to 3rd with no match for the top-2. Beth Carnwell rounded up the field in 4th. Rogers' result increased his championship lead to 39pts. The #21's only chance to win the Midlands 400 with one more race to go was to win and hope that Roger's had a DNF or DNS result. 

95 wins heat 1

Rogers (#95) won in Heat 1

The reverse result for the race 2 grid gave Millard a glimmer of hope as he again started on pole. He started alongside Caton on row 1. The green flag dropped and Caton jumped the #21 to take the lead. Rogers followed suit and took 2nd. Caton put in another great performance to pull out a 3-second lead on the #95. With the #21, Rogers was in a prime position to consolidate his Midlands 400 title. He finally responded to the #17's pace mid-race but ran out of laps to finish just 1-second adrift. Caton took the race win in fine fashion, but it was celebrations in the Rogers camp as the #95 secured the Midlands 400 and Junior All Stars championships! Cole continues the family success following Toni Rogers' previous success in JASCAR. Well done to Team Rogers Racing for all of your success this year from everyone at MASCAR! 

95 win championship


Congratulations to Cole Rogers, JASCAR Champion 2018!

With all of the championships tied up, the junior drivers headed to the grid for one final race to conclude the 2018 season. Millard would lead the juniors to the green flag one more time alongside Rogers. Caton made another great start to get the better of both the #21 and the #95. The #17's pace gave him his second win of the evening, adding another trophy to his cabinet! Carnwell took her #92 to 2nd and Millard rounded up the rostrum.


Caton wins heat 3

Final heat top-3

Well done to everyone involved in this years JASCAR championship, we hope you've enjoyed racing as much as we've enjoyed spectating. We look forward to seeing you all again next year!

Photographs by Trina Spicer

So nearly a hat-trick for Wallis

12 October 2018 at 12:00

MASCAR's junior feeder series, JASCAR, was back in action last weekend at Buxton Raceway. The sun was out as five cars made their way to Derbyshire for round 9 of the 2018 Junior All Star Series, sponsored by Raceiver. Championship rivals Aloucious Millard (#21) and Cole Rogers (#95), who are 2nd and 1st in the overall points respectively, were both present to battle it out for both the overall and Midlands 400 championships.

It was the #26 of James Wallis who started on pole for Heat 1 alongside Cole Rogers. Wallis made the better start, pulling nearly a 1 second lead ahead of the 95 as they crossed the stripe at the end of the first lap. Rogers struggled to keep Wallis honest, falling over 9s behind the #26 by the end of the 10-lap race. Harvey Caton (#17) and Aloucious Millard both got past Beth Carnwell (#62) on lap 1; the #17 managed to secure 3rd place. James' celebrations were ultimately cut short, as he failed tech inspection for being under the required minimum weight. This dropped him from the result to give Rogers, Caton and Millard rostrum positions.

Rogers tried not to fall too far behind Wallis

 Millard (#21) fell a lap behind Rogers (#95).

The #95 and #26 lead the way once again in Heat 2. Wallis put his Heat 1 troubles behind him to put in another stunning drive to take the lead from Rogers yet again on lap 1. Rogers looked much more comfortable behind the wheel of his #95 machine; he put a much stronger drive to finish just 2.6s behind Wallis this time round. Caton repeated his Heat 1 form to finish 3rd to top off the podium. It was an encouraging drive from the #17 driver with a good pace but he just needed a bit more pace at the start of the race to keep in contact with the lead pack; he finished just shy of 8s off Wallis. Millard and Carnwell finished 4th and 5th respectively.

Wallis and Rogers

Wallis (#26) was followed much more closely by Rogers (#95) in Heat 2.

With two races completed, it was time for the final! It was the #21 of Millard who made the best start, leading the pack over the line ahead of Wallis. Caton's #17 car packed up on lap 2, causing a full course caution. The field was soon under way again for the restart, but there was no stopping the #26, Millard gave up the lead on the restart Wallis who went on to take 10s lead. Meanwhile behind, Rogers and Millard were very closely matched. The #95 pressured Millard lap after lap, and finally his efforts paid off as the #21 made a mistake with 3 laps to go and Rogers moved into 2nd place. The pair crossed the line less than 1s apart. 

Wallis took his 4th meeting win of the season

Wallis (#26) took his 4th meeting win of the season.

Rogers' efforts on the day earned 572 championship points, 60 more than Millard. This jumps the driver of the #95 into the lead of the Midlands 400 championship by a slim 26 point lead over Millard with just one meeting to go. James Wallis' stunning performance moves him into 3rd place, 337 behind Millard and 216 ahead of Carnwell. 

Meanwhile in the Junior All Star Series, Rogers extends his lead to 158 points ahead of Millard. With only one meeting to go, it is extremely likely that Rogers will secure the championship at the final meeting of the year at Birmingham Wheels Park on the 3rd November!

Photographs by Trina Spicer

2018 One Stop Site Services Scottish Championship

4 June 2018 at 12:00

scottish 2018

Another New Open Test Day!

27 April 2018 at 21:07

With 5 more second hand JASCAR's about to land in the UK and due to demand, we have an open test day for both MASCAR / JASCAR on May Bank Holiday 7th May from 1100 -1630hrs. This will be held at the Birmingham Wheels Raceway. The day will see drivers get to drive either a MASCAR (age 15 Upwards) or one of junior JASCARS (age 8-16).

Contact us now to confirm your booking for this great oppertunity to try out these great American Stockcars,
Contact either Steve on 07540934998 or Nick on 07850057320 or our office on 01527 458002.

Cost for the day for junior drivers only will be £50.00 just to cover fuel and track hire.

Any current series drivers or hire drivers wishing to test please contact us to book ideal time to test your set up!


jascar 22

Front running Oval Racing, #22 Junior American Stock Car (JASCAR) is for sale.The #22 has been racing in the JASCAR All Stars championship for the last four years, numerous wins and championship titles. Suitable for children from 8yrs all the way up to 16yrs.This car has been lovingly kept and looked after from new. Newly wrapped this year so looks super smart and can be easily changed as needed. Very simple and easy to work on with limited running cost.POA and spares package available:  4 wet tyres on rims, 1 spare slick on rim, lever- jack.More about the series and to contact series coordinator Steve Stanford:  07540 934998 Price £4500.00 ONO

 www.jascar-racing.co.uk  info@mascar.co.uk 




 Cars available.

 If you are interested in purchasing a Jascar Contact Steve on 07540934998 for further details,

Hire Car available for some dates in 2017**

** Hire available now for these cars subject to a driving assessment and competency test being carried out prior to racing. For further details contact Steve as above or Anthony on 07768 890853.

New to Jascar? - Here is some information about this new junior series for the UK. The Jascar Racecar is a brand new series to the UK although well established within the USA the cars are a ½ scale Nascar and a non contact formula but hey rubbing is racing and if you ain't rubbing you ain't racing! all built in the USA just like the Sprint Cup cars you see on TV in the NASCAR series. They have tube chassis, adjustable suspension, coil-over Avco shocks, disc brakes, rack and pinion steering, and trully a very well built car very safe and very strong chassis with a center driving possition for extra safety with cars in the USA doing nearly 100mph we have had to restricted them slightly for the UK ovals. This is what they look like under their one piece fiberglass bodies.

The goal of the series is to provide an inexpensive entry level  car racing experience for new junior drivers or young Karting drivers wanting that proper race car experience. There is one division that will use the Jascar. That is for young adults aged 8-16 called the Future Stars of Racing. The cars are identical in every respect except that the Future Stars of Racing cars will be using a small carburetor to reduce the power of the engine to approx 24HP.  If you have always wanted to race but didn't have the money, time, and pit crew, Jascars may be the answer. these cars can be run on a minimum budget and there small size means you dont need a great big work shop or massive transporter a normal garge and small trailer and family car will haul these with no problems,

The cars, engines, and rules for Jascars are the same nationwide so there is a level playing field for all competitors with restricted sealed engines limited number of slicks and wets & controlled shocks and springs with a rule book that sates if it aint listed you cant do it! so no chassis mods all identical stuff - with fully adjustable suspension arms and tie bars just like the proper Nascar cars gearing options and a minimum car & driver weight - this is a one make series so you have everything that your fellow competitor has so its all about driver skill and set up how fair is that?.  


Here are the specifications for the Jascar style suspended chassis cars:


ENGINE: · Honda GX 390 · 4 Stroke, OHV Single Cylinder · Displacement - 389 cc · Horsepower (stock) - 24 · Air Cooled · Electric Start · Clutch - Dry Centrifugal

BODY: · Hand Layed Fiberglass · Lexan Windshield · Gelcoat Gray · Body styles: Chevrolet Monte Carlo, Ford Taurus, Pontiac Grand Prix, Dodge Intrepid

CHASSIS: · 1.125 by .065 Mild Steel · MIG Welded · Upper & Lower Control Arms · Caster, Camber, Toe Adjustments · Movable Pedals · Rack & Pinion

STEERING: · Adjustable Coil Over Shocks · Fully Adjustable Rear Suspension

WHEELS AND TIRES: · 8 by 6.5 Polished Aluminum 4 Bolt Wheels · 15 by 7 Hoosier Slicks & wets NUMBERS CONTROLLED TO MAXIMUM 8 SLICKS & 8 WETS PER SEASON keeping costs to race to a minimum.

MISC: · Five Point Racing Harness and Window Net · Dual Caliper Disc Brake · Quick Release Steering Wheel · Aluminum Kirkey Seat, Child Sizes 9 - 11 adult 11-16 (are available)

Complete cars and Kit cars contain everything listed above every nut bolt and washer even rivets and belts and tunned sealed brand new engine, all the bodies come as white Gel coat which can be either sprayed or wrapped or left as is, The chassis for complete cars are powder coated in various colours - the only item needed to complete these cars are the seat we even throw in  4 brand new slicks to get you started.

Now for the BIG Question of how much?

Well the great thing about it is we have all brand new cars ready to go and for the first 10 (we may extend this) we can offer some excellent low cost entry schemes in to this great series,

1 - Straight outright purchase Complete car on the button new you just need to get a seat and paint and decals for £8K

2 - A complete Kit everything even the rivets - to put the car together inc's wheels and slick tyres  no seat for £7.5K

Both options above avalible for a £2K deposit to secure your car currently 6 -8 weeks delivery on all cars.

Option 3 - Hire a car for the season you transport and maintain you can add your own colours and decals etc for £2K plus a £1K damage waiver for any damages caused during hire period. Option to purchase car at any time during hire period. or £240.00 per meeting for first meeting and £200.00 per meeting there after this is an arrive and drive package

Are you excited? Maybe Jascars are your ticket out of the stands and into the action.  If you would like to receive more information about Jascar racing in your area, see contact page and send us a mail or call Steve on - 07540934998.

 This is the only true Junior proper purpose built race car with fully adjustable suspension and slick tyres available now in the UK, With 13 meetings planned for 2018 and more available in the future, Why not become one of our future stars and come and try before you buy, With a great purchase plan available just come and talk to us and you could be racing one of these cars within days.